'thank you' soap bars

'thank you' soap bars

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*This item must be sent alongside a Plant or Bunch of Flowers*

the best part about our ‘thank you’ exfoliating soap bars is they help get safe water + toilets to empower people in need.

coconut soap bar with exfoliating coconut husk

SMOOTHING - This coconut soap bar has creamy coconut oil to give you intense moisture and a sweet lingering scent (so you’ll catch an amazing waft of coconut after showering and realise it’s you!). Plus we added coconut husk to naturally exfoliate and scrub away dryness and dullness, leaving you with smooth skin that feels pillowy soft to touch.

fig soap bar with exfoliating poppy seeds

RESTORING - This figilicious creamy soap bar with jojoba oil is nutrient-rich to help protect your skin from the effects of ageing and to help restore elasticity. Poppy seeds and moisturising coconut oil join the party to exfoliate and leave your skin feeling refreshed and loved.

antioxidant soap bar with green tea + tea leaves

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