bloom bundle breakdown

we try to keep the size of our flowers as consistent as possible each day however we do work with what mother natures provides us each season.

the flowers in each bunch change daily depending on what is available at the markets. this means that the sizes and flower variety/colour of each bunch may vary from day to day, but the value of your bunch will always stay the same.

all of our flowers are wrapped in our signature brown paper + are transported with a water pouch


bambino bundle

our cutest bundle of the pack. the bambino bundle contains 5 main flowers accompanied with greenery + filler.

citrus crush medium.jpeg

bigger bundle

our middle child yet still super loved + not forgotten. our bigger bundle has DOUBLE the amount of flowers + greenery + filler as our ‘bambino bundle’

ferngully fresh massive.JPG

big massive bundle

our leader of the pack. not just a big bundle but a big massive bundle of flowers. holding TRIPLE the amount of flowers + greenery + filler to our ‘bambino bundle’, this bunch turns heads.