fiddle leaf fig

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fiddle leaf fig

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fred the fiddle is looking for his new home. he is approx 1m tall in a 200m pot. below are some hot tips to ensure a long, healthy + happy fig;

* tell me I’m beautiful every day

* watering - do not over water your fiddle leaf fig, it appreciates short bouts of dry periods between watering to avoid root rot or wet feet. Water only when it is 90% dry (stick your finger in the soil to check)! this is the top tip in how to care for your fiddle leaf fig, so don’t get too water happy!

* clean the leaves - make sure to give your fiddle leaf fig leaves a little dust every now and then to help your fig to absorb light. your fiddle leaf fig may also drop its leaves if it is exposed to too much dry heat or drafts. if this occurs it may go into a dormant recovery mode. every few months, give your fiddle leaves a thin rub (less is more here) of coconut oil – not only is it fantastic for their inner health, but it gives them a wonderful shine

* sun light - your fiddle leaf fig requires indirect light, not direct light. you will notice that if your fiddle leaf fig doesn’t have enough light - it may cause the fiddle leaf fig to loose it’s leaves and thin out! your fiddle leave fig will also grow towards the light, so make sure you rotate your fiddle leaf fig every so often to keep your fig growing straight.

**your new plant will be delivered well hyrdated, along with an adoption certificate + plant care tips ... did someone say ca-uuuute!**

please email us if you are would like to chat before adopting a fiddle ... there's nothing more upsetting then coming home one day to find your precious fiddle looking sad and not knowing why =)

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