emily strange

owner + flower enthusiast

*bio to come … cause emily is pretty shy when it comes to talking about herself*



flower fairy + chief candle maker

aka ‘lil lady’ has been a part of JBB since it was just an idea on paper. as a full-time singer, lauren spends her spare hours either being a JBB flower fairy, creating amazing soy wax candles or spending time with her fluffin’ Pomeranian Ardie.

emily would be completely lost without this ‘lil lady’

lauren jbb pic.jpg
keely jbb pic.jpg


flower fairy

flower crown extraordinaire + r n b lover, keely came on board mid 2018 to help emily with her growing business.


kate strange

big sister of emily + flower fairy

probably JBB’s biggest fan + cheerleader, kate has been by emily’s side since the beginning. even though miss kate left emily to chase her silly lawyer boyfriend in canada, she is still emily’s biggest influence

*come home please*